Genting Groupís oil palm plantation division is spearheaded by Genting Plantations Berhad ("Genting Plantations"), a 54.8%-owned listed subsidiary of Genting Berhad. Incorporated on 29 September 1977, Asiatic began its venture into the plantation business  in April 1980 by acquiring the Rubber Trust Group, which owned some 13,700 hectares of plantation land in Peninsular Malaysia. Subsequently, through combined efforts of the Genting Group and Genting Plantations, further acquisitions of land bank and palm oil mills were undertaken in Peninsular Malaysia.

Recognising the scarcity of land in Peninsular Malaysia, the division started making inroads into Sabah, East Malaysia in 1985 and began a succession of land acquisitions to cultivate oil palm. Notable acquisitions  in Sabah include the 8,830-hectare agricultural land near the Sungai Tongod, the 5,611-hectare oil palm estate near Bukit Garam and the 6,753-hectare of oil palm estates in Kinabatangan in 2001, 2002 and 2004 respectively.

To date, the division has 6 palm oil mills and a total land bank of over 71,000 hectares, an expansion of more than five folds from the 13,700 hectares over 20 years ago. Total milling capacity to date is 255 tonnes per hour.

Whilst plantation business remains the core activity, Genting Plantations has also ventured into property development with the objectives to unlock the potential of its strategically located land bank.

The division provides jobs employment to about 7,300 work force. Genting Plantations has grown to become one of the lowest cost crude palm oil producers in Malaysia. It has established itself as a reputable and reliable crude palm oil producer in Malaysia.

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