Our business conduct shall be guided by honesty, integrity and commitment to excellence. We encourage responsible practices among our business partners, show care for our customers and uphold good corporate governance to meet the expectation of our investors.

We have a Board of Directors comprising the best qualified individuals with the requisite knowledge, experience, independence, foresight and good judgement to discharge their duties in the best interest of our shareholders.

Our Group observes strict standards to ensure that business affairs are always conducted with utmost professionalism and integrity, free from any form of corruption or unethical behaviour. This ethical code applies to all dealings, whether with our Group’s business partners, vendors, contractors, customers or governing authorities.

Our business affairs and financial reports are managed in accordance with the rules and requirements of regulatory bodies such as the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance, Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, the Companies Act 1965 and the Malaysian Accounting Standards Board in Malaysia.

We play an active role in carrying out responsible operations and business practices. We have a strong and diverse network of suppliers and where possible, we would purchase materials from local suppliers to support local industries and reduce transportation-related emissions. For example, Genting Malaysia has in place a policy for procurement of products and services. All potential suppliers or vendors are required to pre-register wherein they would need to provide details of their respective companies en route to a pre-qualification assessment before their appointment as suppliers. Our vendor selection process is instrumental in ensuring that we provide the best quality of products and services, integrate sustainability into our core businesses, reduce costs and create a more efficient supply chain.

We comply with ISO 4001 by only engaging with licensed collectors who are registered with the Department of Environment (“Jabatan Alam Sekitar”) for the collection of waste oil and used chemical drums.

We work close with our suppliers to reduce negative environmental and social impacts. We undertake due diligence on the local farms before we purchase the produce from them to ensure compliance with food safety and relevant local environmental laws. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point certification demonstrates our commitment in maintaining healthy food practices and standards, improving our employee awareness of their role in protecting consumers and eliminating or minimising the risks of food safety hazards.

We recognise and respect the legal rights of individuals on matters involving the ownership, use and disclosure of intellectual property. All customer and employee information are strictly private and confidential and are treated as such at all times. We conduct yearly ‘Train the Trainers’ refresher sessions on the Personal Data and Protection Act 2010, whereupon the trainers would then share the information and create awareness among all personnel in their respective departments to ensure compliance with these requirements.

Our casino teams work closely with the regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Self-exclusion programmes such as ‘Request for Assistance Programme’, help services and responsible gaming awareness materials are available in our casino properties to encourage responsible gaming among casino patrons. Ongoing briefings on responsible gaming are regularly conducted for all casino staff including new trainees.

For example, Resorts World Genting implemented its self exclusion Request for Assistance Programme in 2006, in which, guests with a compulsion to gamble can voluntarily prohibit themselves from the casino. Brochures on Responsible Gaming are placed at the entrance of Resorts World Genting’s casinos, to create awareness and encourage those with problems to take the first step. Free and one-to-one counseling services are also available at the Responsible Gaming room or over the phone (hotline). Currently, Resorts World Genting has 57 trained Responsible Gaming ambassadors in its casino operations in Malaysia. A total of 1,865 staff underwent the briefing/training sessions on responsible gaming in 2015.

Resorts World Sentosa has a Responsible Gambling Programme to create awareness of problem gambling, to prompt intervention in problem gambling cases and provide referrals to professional help services such as the National Council on Problem Gambling. In November 2015, Resorts World Sentosa Casino became the first casino in Asia Pacific to receive RG Check accreditation from the Responsible Gambling Council, one of the most comprehensive and rigorous responsible gambling accreditation programmes in the world. This independent assessment is a seal of approval for Genting Singapore’s commitment to Resort World Sentosa Casino’s player safety net.

Genting UK has developed and launched the Self-Enrolment National Self-Exclusion scheme in summer 2015. This innovative scheme allows a customer who may be experiencing gambling related harm to enter a self-exclusion agreement not only for all Genting UK casinos, but across all other UK casino groups. The scheme is the first in the industry to extend across a sector and demonstrates both the industry and Genting’s commitment to player protection. Genting UK voluntarily contributes to the Responsible Gambling Trust to support research, prevention efforts and treatment of gambling related harm. The team also work closely with GamCare and their partners across the country to guide any customers who may be experiencing gambling related harm to the help available.

Resorts World Casino New York City launched in 2015 a strategic partnership with the New York Council on Problem Gambling, a not-for-profit government funded organisation that is dedicated to address problem gambling. In-house Responsible Gaming Resource Center and professionally trained Responsible Gaming Ambassadors are committed to take a proactive approach to alleviate problem gaming.

Resorts World Casino New Year City has also partnered with New York City’s tourism board, NYC & Company, and the Queens Economic Development Corporation to promote the casino property as a top destination for visitors. Queens, New York City was named the Top Destination for 2015 by Lonely Planet and tourism numbers have continued to increase. The property has already seen an increase in visitation with the highly successful Red Express bus service, which provides free transportation to the property from across New York City. The property attracts over 8 million visitors each year and provides job employment to many local residents.

Genting Malaysia has invested about USD500 million into the development of Resorts World Bimini and this has significantly enhanced the local economy in Bimini. Resorts World Bimini is the single largest employer on the island and committed to the long term success and economic growth of Bimini. The resort attracts over 100,000 visitors to the island each year which results in local businesses generating about USD9 million each year.

Resorts World Miami continues to foster partnerships with the local trade, with special emphasis on certified minority and women-owned businesses. The team work with local non-profit organisations to identify qualified minority businesses which offer services that Resorts World Miami could utilise in its development works.

Genting Plantations seek to build mutually beneficial relationships with the communities where it operates through ongoing active engagements and regular dialogue sessions with the local communities. Genting Plantations adopts the concept of free prior and informed consent (“FPIC”) to guide its engagement with the local communities and relevant stakeholders. The established procedures are to ensure these stakeholders are consulted on the development plans and their interests are not overlooked. These comprehensive procedures cover the handling of land disputes and related resolution and compensation, native customary rights, as well as dispute settlement facility and mediation. Mechanisms are also in place to provide for complaints and grievances to be addressed in a systematic, timely and transparent manner.

Genting Plantations give the priority to the local area talents in filling job vacancies and in the offering of contract works. Genting Plantations is fully committed to the development of plantation under the plasma scheme, an assistance programme that has proven beneficial for the wellbeing of local small landholders in Indonesia. These efforts are complemented by regular consultative meetings to enhance goodwill and cooperation with plasma farmers.

Genting Plantations’ presence in the rural interiors, brings more than just jobs. Infrastructure and amenities such as roads and bridges that are built and maintained as part of its development, help to improve accessibility and connectivity of these remote areas.

Genting Plantations is an active member of the Malaysian Palm Oil Association and is represented in various committees at the national and international levels, including the Malaysia Sustainable Palm Oil Nation Steering Committee and Technical Committee, the ISCC’s Southeast Asia Technical Working Group, the Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries’ Technical Working Groups for Harmonisation of Standards & Green Economic Zone and MPOA’s Sustainability Steering Committee. Leveraging on its expertise in oil palm genomics, Genting Plantations is involved in research and development collaborations for crop improvement with the likes of the Department of Agriculture, Sabah in Malaysia. Our plantations team has actively participated in International Sustainability and Carbon Certification events, with our representative being among the invited notable speakers.

As transparency and accountability are the cornerstone of effective stakeholder engagement, we endeavour to disclose all material corporate information through the appropriate channels in a timely, accurate and complete manner. Our annual general meeting is a useful and interactive forum for direct engagement with shareholders.

We maintain an open and regular communications with the professional investment community through periodic briefings, face-to-face meetings, conference calls and site visits.

Our corporate website at provides information on our business activities with annual reports, press releases, quarterly results, announcements and investor presentations made available. The Visitors’ Galleria and the Horizon 50 at Resorts World Genting are open to the general public and provide a first-hand look at the history, operations and facilities of Resorts World Genting and the Genting Group.

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Source: Genting Berhad Annual Report 2015


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