Corporate Ratings

Category Rating Agency Rating Action Long-term Rating Outlook
Genting Berhad Standard & Poor’s 13 Sept 2021 BBB- Stable
Moody’s 12 Apr 2021 Baa2 Negative
Fitch 3 Dec 2020 BBB Negative
RAM 30 Jul 2021 AA1 Negative
Genting Overseas Holdings Limited Moody’s 12 Apr 2021 Baa2 Negative
Fitch 3 Dec 2020 BBB Negative
Resorts World Las Vegas LLC Standard & Poor’s 14 Sept 2021 BB+ Stable
Fitch 28 Mar 2021 BBB Negative

Corporate Bond Ratings

Issuer Guarantor Issue Size Tenor (Years) Coupon p.a. Maturity Date Rating Agency Long-Term Ratings
Genting Capital Berhad Genting Berhad RM500 million 10 4.42% Jun-22 RAM AA1
Genting Berhad RM1.5 billion 15 4.86% Jun-27 RAM AA1
GOHL Capital Limited Genting Overseas Holdings Limited US$1.5 billion 10 4.25% Jan-27 Moody’s Baa2
Fitch BBB
Resorts World Las Vegas LLC (“RWLV”) Subsidiaries of RWLV US$1.0 billion 10 4.625% Apr-29 Standard & Poor’s BB
Fitch BBB
Resorts World Las Vegas LLC, RWLV Capital Inc. Subsidiaries of RWLV US$350 million 10 4.625% Apr-31 Standard & Poor’s BBB-
Fitch BBB
Genting RMTN Berhad Genting Berhad RM450 million 10 4.18% Nov-29 RAM AA1
Genting Berhad RM550 million 15 4.38% Nov-34 RAM AA1
LLPL Capital Pte Ltd PT Lestari Banten Energi US$ 775 million 20 6.875% Feb-39 Moody’s Baa3
Fitch BBB-
GP Wind (Jangi) Pvt Ltd Genting Energy Limited
(on certain incidents)
INR 3,000 million 15 9.25% Aug-32 India Ratings AA-
CARE Ratings AA-

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