Corporate Ratings

Category Rating Agency Rating Action Long-term Rating Outlook
Genting Berhad Standard & Poor’s 13 Sept 2021 BBB- Stable
Moody’s 12 Apr 2021 Baa2 Negative
Fitch 30 Sep 2021 BBB Negative
RAM 30 Jul 2021 AA1 Negative
Genting Overseas Holdings Limited Moody’s 12 Apr 2021 Baa2 Negative
Fitch 30 Sep 2021 BBB Negative
Resorts World Las Vegas LLC Standard & Poor’s 14 Sept 2021 BB+ Stable
Fitch 28 Jan 2022 BBB- Negative

Corporate Bond Ratings

Issuer Guarantor Issue Size Tenor (Years) Coupon p.a. Maturity Date Rating Agency Long-Term Ratings
Genting Capital Berhad Genting Berhad RM500 million 10 4.42% Jun-22 RAM AA1
Genting Berhad RM1.5 billion 15 4.86% Jun-27 RAM AA1
Genting RMTN Berhad Genting Berhad RM460 million 10 4.18% Nov-22 RAM AA1
Genting Berhad RM540 million 15 4.38% Nov-34 RAM AA1
Genting Berhad RM400 million 5 5.19% Mar-27 RAM AA1
Genting Berhad RM100 million 10 5.62% Mar-32 RAM AA1
GOHL Capital Limited Genting Overseas Holdings Limited US$1.5 billion 10 4.25% Jan-27 Moody’s Baa2
Fitch BBB
Resorts World Las Vegas LLC (“RWLV”), RWLV Capital Inc. Subsidiaries of RWLV US$1.0 billion 10 4.625% Apr-29 Standard & Poor’s BB
Fitch BBB-
Subsidiaries of RWLV US$350 million 10 4.625% Apr-31 Standard & Poor’s BB
Fitch BBB-
LLPL Capital Pte Ltd PT Lestari Banten Energi US$775million 20 6.875% Feb-39 Moody’s Baa3
Fitch BBB-
GP Wind (Jangi) Pvt Ltd Genting Energy Limited
(on certain incidents)
INR 3,000 million 15 9.25% Aug-32 India Ratings AA-
CARE Ratings AA-

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